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Punch holes in your fears

Fear hovers like fog.
It gathers, hesitates, stays.
We read what confirms.
See, I am right to be afraid;
I have reason to fear.


Light dims
Pulling up our covers, to
our hideout, our cocoon, our tent.
Safety suffocates…
if not self imposed,
then self-perpetuated.

Punch holes in what frightens you.
Not with fists,
but with learning,
with truth,
with prayer,
by conversation with a trusted confidante.

Pepper your fears with puncture.
Then, look through them
to what they’ve been hiding:
the life God imagines for you.

Step into it.

Finding Your Fit

Finding your fit
is like putting latex gloves on
in the dark.

img_3403One way is right.

One way is wrong.img_3404

Stick your hand in.
You’ll feel which is which
and choose the right.

The wrong doesn’t fit.

A Prayer for Our Country

I don’t let anyone tell me what to do!


Is that so?
I ask God what is right to do.
I ask others what they would do.
I ask myself what is fair to do.
Then I decide what I should do.
And I do it.

American flag prayer

This is my prayer for our country
and its new president elect.

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