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What does God believe in me?

What does God believe in me?

Now there is a question I had never asked myself. We spend so much time debating the “believability” of God. Do you really believe that? Which has come to mean: Is it true? factual? evidence-based? proven?

A host of questions come to mind:

  • Do you believe in God?
  • Do you believe God?
  • Does whether you believe or not have anything to do with the existence of God?
  • Does God really care if you believe Him or believe in Him?

But this question, posed to me yesterday, turned the tables. Does God believe in me?

Well, since God is truth, He need not debate with himself whether or not I am believable. He knows for sure. It’s me who wonders.

If I am imaginary, then I have been imagined by God. Again, a moot point for God’s consideration.

But God “believe in” me? When would He have placed His belief in me? That takes me back to the moment of my creation, my conception and before. The moment I was considered by the mind of God.

If, when God speaks a word, it is. (It exists) When God believes a being, it does. (It acts)

So, when God spoke my name, I was. Could it be that when God believed me, I did? Whatever He believed in me, activated?

This sent me researching the word, “belief.” Maybe there was something lost in the translation over the years. What was the root word? Maybe it was really “be” and “lief.” Be, I knew, but lief?

Well, dictionaries tell me that Chaucer, Shakespeare and Tennyson used it, as an adjective and adverb and, with ‘to be’ as a verb.


adj : (`lief’ is archaic) very willing;
“was lief to go”; “glad to help” [syn: glad, lief]

adv : in a willing manner;
“this was gladly agreed to”; “I would fain do it” [syn: gladly, fain]

1. Dear; beloved.
“My liefe mother.” –Chaucer.
“My liefest liege.” –Shak.
As thou art lief and dear. –Tennyson.

2. Note: (Used with a form of the verb to be)
Pleasing; agreeable; acceptable; preferable.

So, if ‘be lief’ meant beloved and in a willing manner, then perhaps God’s belief in us, activates His will in us, His beloved.

God believes, therefore I do.

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